Anaesthesia & Critical Care

The services of Anaesthesia are an integral part of this hospital. This Hospital provides General Anaesthesia, Neuraxial Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia and Monitored anaesthesia care during various General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Gynaecological and Cardiac procedures. The operating rooms are well equipped with the state-of-art infrastructure including Anaesthesia workstations, emergency crash cart having all the emergency drugs and equipment, one defibrillator is dedicated for OR. Three bedded recovery area is there to provide immediate care to post surgical patients. Our ICU is well equipped with state-of-art technology and human power. The nursing staff is well trained to provide care round the clock. The department has developed protocol and has structured SOP'S for better patient management.

Our Critical Care Department is comprised of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the department uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide the highest level of care to our patients and their families. The ICU provides specialized care for patients recovering from serious illness and surgeries. All ICU patients require intensive monitoring around the clock. Registered nurses from our Critical Care department support other departments of the hospital.